53 cm (20.87 in)
40 cm (15.75 in)
130 cm (51.18 in)

Exceptionnelle Sculpture AUGUSTE NICOLAS TREMONT (31 Decembre 1892 - 23 Octobre 1980) LUXEMBOURG, "Panthere tournant" circa 1930,

Plâtre original, peint d'origine, signée sur la patte droite arrière.

Provenance collection privée M & Mme C......

Trémont's work was made available to the public through the Ruhlmann art gallery, then later Edgar Brandt and Malesherbes art galleries. His work is also represented on numerous Luxembourgian stamps.

Works by Trémont adorn some of the most prominent buildings in his hometown of Luxembourg City, including Notre-Dame Cathedral and Luxembourg City Hall. He also created sculptures for the Luxembourgian pavilions at the Brussels 1935 and Paris 1937 World's Fairs.

  • 1924: Chimpanzee
  • Panther, Couple of Royal Tigers
  • 1926-1932: Black Panther, Turning Panther, Serval, Tiger, Elephant, Walking Tiger, Lion, Bison
  • 2 lions (Luxembourg City town hall)
  • 1932: Côte d'Ivoire Dwarf Buffalo
  • Couple of Royal Tigers, Stag (purchased by the City of Paris)
  • 1935: Miners (Luxembourgian pavilion of the Brussels World Fair)
  • 1936: Religious scenes (Luxembourg Cathedral)
  • 1937: Hind (Luxembourgian pavilion of the Paris World Fair)
  • 1945: Liberation medal
  • Monument to the Dead (Differdange)
  • Monument to Dead Soldiers

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